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Our web magazine is  for discerning Women who seek and share values of integrity,tolerance,healthy self worth and enquiring minds. We recognise that despite cultural differences, women everywhere live with the same or similar issues as we pass through the various phases of our lives.

Our mission is to inspire, inform, encourage, connect and unite women—no matter what their personal or professional status, or where they reside in the word. We have a particular interest in mid life issues and in profiling and connecting business women so we can support one another commerically and within each industry.

Our website will never be bombarded with intrusive advertisements and pop ups.

Our home page features 'Express lane for busy women' ensuring you can make a 'quick read' selection of the latest articles —when you have a ten minute interlude. (We also occasionally email the Express Lane to you.) We recognise that women today live busy lives and many balance multiple daily responsibilities.

Quite simply - we seek to add value to women's lives.

Women like to do business with other women and we aim to provide the ultimate women's business directory to connect those seeking  - with those providing. Very soon that will include an online shopping directory.

Our commitment and focus is to continue adding value and benefits to subscribers as we grow and further develop our website into the global market. We have an exciting future planned and we look forward to sharing it with you. We trust you will join us and enjoy all that is offered from the team at WOMENZ.




Katrina Winn - founder


Katrina Winn - Founding Director

(Gotta love soft photo lenses! They hide a multitude of character lines. Reality lies here)

We women spend so much of our lives helping others climb their mountains, but we need to be reminded to climb our own!   

My greatest wish is that you will benefit from all this website provides you. Women should value their uniqueness. Value each other. Be compassionate and tolerant and  never ever give up on happiness and peace of mind. 

This web site is a journey that is still evolving and improving- just as we are.

Having parented four children (now adults), I remain passionate about leaving behind some form of legacy; a benchmark of standards for living and guidelines to achieve. We women are often half way through our lives before we concentrate on what it is that we really want for our own lives. is the result of 'one of those 'moments', when I considered what I was going to do with the rest of my productive years. 

Books, music, family and God boost my soul and nourish my spirit.

I strive for wisdom and knowledge—but thanks to the onset of menopause, my mind not only wanders—it sometimes leaves me completely!

Join with me in connecting with likeminded women at!



Pauline Harris - Editor

People have some strange obsessions, things they love to do that others find stressful, frustrating, or just a drag. One of my great loves is to edit other people’s writing. It is unbelievably satisfying to help make a piece of writing shine, especially when the writer has put their heart and best ideas into it. Taking something that is a little rough around the edges, and polishing it so that the ideas flow for the reader and distracting errors are eliminated, is one of my favourite things to do.

Having passed the halfway mark to the Queen’s telegram I am now on my third career. My first was town planning, my second was raising our four children and my third is editing and proofreading. I have always loved good writing for its own sake and the communication of experiences, wisdom and perspectives via the written word.

Words have amazing power to connect people at a heart and intellectual level. They can inject courage and melt away our sense of isolation, and women have an inborn capacity to use words in this way. That is what excites me about womenz—writers and readers having a window to see each other’s life experiences and getting a transfusion of new courage.




Yvette Nicholls - Webmaster

With over 15 years working experience in the print industry before retraining in 1999 as a web designer, I am passionate about design.

I am mum to two nearly teenage kids who believe they have done an excellent job raising me.

Equally as comfortable behind the screen of my computer or rambling along the beach, I love the way nature has all the best shapes and colour combinations. Ever looked through the wings of a cicada on a summers day? Metallic pink and green, what inspiration!





I really love your site, the purpose, and the visions for it which you’ve outlined. – your passion is contagious, and I’d love to do whatever I can to contribute to its success.Your content is very high quality, and I think you’re meeting a deep hunger in women.

Karynne Courts -Sydney NSW

Womenz has really blessed and encouraged me. Some of the articles and stories speak straight into my life, as it is at the moment. It also allows me to respond to the articles – encouraging the writers and even having a space to put my own thoughts on the different topics. It is a wonderful online community for women of ALL ages!


Auckland, New Zealand


I am really enjoying your website it’s an excellent way to spend free time.

Kind regards, Joy Stewart, New Zealand

Just love all the short stories - so inspirational and  look forward to more quick reference express lanes.

Cheers Marilyn, Perth



I am really enjoying the site.
Your email prompts are like having an online magazine delivered - and a really nice way to see the new articles on the website without wading through - and it felt kind of luxurious receiving.  Something just for me an escape from work and housework!!
Much appreciated.
Annette, New Zealand


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